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Northern Virginia's Best Range

Toptracer is open:
Wednesday - Friday | 1pm to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday |11am to 8pm

All outdoor and upper indoor bays are heated. We have temporarily stopped “blanket” service as part of our COVID response. If you will be a less-active guest during late Fall or Winter, we recommend warmer clothes, layers or that you bring your own blanket just in case.

Fees for Toptracer vary by bay:
Outdoor: $24 per hour
Indoor: $40 per hour

**Note: Indoor Bays are defined as Premium Spaces December 1 through March 31 and are not included as part of the 5-Star or other discount programs**

 Bay rental is a flat rate by the hour, or portion thereof. We are able to split or separate checks if necessary. Reservations can be made online, below. Several policies have changed, please read through them while booking. You may also call us at 703.444.0901 if you need help of have additional questions.

Special COVID-19 Operating Conditions

Our pandemic response includes all of the following efforts and more to make your visit as safe as possible:

  • Outdoor bays have been reduced from six (6) to three (3), leaving every other bay open to help maintain social distancing. 
  • Indoor occupancy has been reduced by 75%.
  • Bay occupancy cannot exceed eight (8), even if additional guests are not playing.
  • Masks are required by all guests while indoors and should be worn even outdoors when close contact cannot be avoided (and you’re not actively eating or drinking).
  • Menus have been replaced with QR codes than can be scanned by your personal device. We also have single-use paper menus available.
  • We are now able to accept touchless payment methods like Apple Pay in all of our dining outlets.
  • House clubs are sanitized before and after each reservation. From time to time, there may be delays in service – if possible, we recommend you bring your own clubs. Sharing sets is ok with us if it’s ok with your group!
  • Sanitizing stations have been set up around the entire property for your convenience.
  • Bathrooms and gathering spaces are treated regularly with Clean Shield ionized sanitizers to boost our own regular cleanings.
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