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Charter Golf Association

Join Our CGA!
We are excited to announce the formation of the Charter Golf Association (CGA) for the 2024 season at your 1757 Golf Club!  The CGA is a member-led group striving to work with the 1757 golf, administrative, and food/beverage staff to create several CGA-exclusive events with interesting formats, enhanced prizes, and a season-long scoring competition. The CGA was developed to enhance the competitive spirit of the club and provide opportunities for members to meet, connect, and compete.
These CGA-exclusive events will occur at several points throughout the spring, summer, and fall to provide CGA members guaranteed access to the course during the peak weekend golf season and competitive weekday play. Below you will find an overview of what the association will be trying to accomplish in the 2024 season and beyond.

What are the benefits of the CGA?

  • Access to 6-8 CGA-exclusive tournaments throughout the 2024 season
  • Access to a season-long weekday 9-hole league & knock-out match-play brackets
  • 3 weekday (Monday-Thursday) guest passes for use throughout the year, a $225 Value
  • 10% (stackable) additional discount on pro shop purchases (same exclusions apply as with other discounts)

Who is eligible to join the CGA?

  • Full members of 1757 (primary member and any family member aged 21 or older)
  • 5-Day members of 1757 (primary member and any family member aged 21 or older) *
  • Twilight members (primary member and any family member aged 21 or older) *

*  5-Day and Twilight members will be eligible for the 2024 CGA but will not be eligible in 2025 or beyond

How much will it cost to join the CGA?

  • $100 for the 2024 season
  • Per-tournament cost of about $50 per event you attend to cover the costs of food/beverages
  • Additional charges for any tournament-related skins or other league-related competition

 You can sign-up RIGHT NOW clicking on this link! 

$100 annual Association fees will be member-charged to your account when you do sign-up.