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Volvik Golf Balls

Volvik Golf Ball QUESTIONS - Top 10 Answers… 1. Do they glow in the dark? NO 2. Are they real golf balls? YES 3. Do they have dimples? YES 4. Are they used on the tour? YES: LPGA 5. How much are they? $2.75 per ball 6. Can they be purchased by the dozen? YES $30 Read More

1757 WLGO Blog

July 7, 2016 Make A Difference!  Support the World’s Largest Golf Outing!The 2016 edition of the World’s Largest Golf Outing will take place on Monday, August 1st – less than a month away!  Last year, this incredible event raised over $1,000,000 through the support of golfers and Read More

How to improve your game this winter!

Have you got the winter-time blues?  Why not use this time of year to reflect on your 2015 golf season and how to improve your game in 2016!   A good goal for most golfers would be to lower your handicap by 2-4 strokes.  Newer golfers can drop their average score by even Read More

Summer Grilling Tips

Just like the hundreds of different tips to improve your golf game there is an equal number of tips and tricks for grilling food!  I’d like to share some basic “must do’s” when you fire up the grill this summer. Whether you use propane or charcoal, the basics of “how to” will not change. Read More

It’s Golf Season!

Having just completed the warmest May on record in the Washington region, golf season is most definitely upon us!  It’s time for golfers to get out and enjoy the extra daylight hours and the great weather and course conditions that we enjoy during the warm Northern Virginia summers.  Is Read More

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day weekend has become an increasingly popular weekend for golf as the years have gone by. Every year the PGA Tour hosts the Memorial Tournament held in Dublin, Ohio which is just outside of Columbus. Some are aware, but others are not, that the tournament was founded 39 years ago by Jack Read More

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