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Spring Weddings Never Go Out of Style

Speed reading haute fashion trends in wedding magazines (we do research too!) we’re seeing ballet-inspired detailing, feathers, throwbacks to the 90s, mock necks and more.

In DC and Northern Virginia, Spring is synonymous with Cherry Blossoms. Their colors are perfect for your big day: Soft pastels and vibrant pops of pinks, creamy whites and lovely lavenders. You can accent with soft blue somethings, sage greens, the options are limitless. Or make it a monochromatic affair: Pink, we're told, is one of those colors that pairs with every version of itself!

Our ceremony patio has a few cherry trees sure to be great for your photos, along with our rose garden. Blooms start in Early Spring and run about 5 weeks in a normal year. Here at 1757, April is safe on both ends. Your photographer is certain to find a frame that makes you look amazing! Royal, even. 😉

Enchanted Garden Themes can be charming for sure (See what we did there? If you know, you know). Flowers flowers & more flowers! But why not mix up vases for a change? One of our favorite ideas is to use Wellies. Yes, Wellies!


They’re a great height, have lots of color options and exude that Spring Garden feeling. Lanterns with fairy lights are timeless these days but it takes a lot of them in larger rooms with high ceilings like ours. Combine them: Oooo, magic!

Wooden chargers or accent disks are a great compliment garden themes. Have the mister-to-be *safely* slice discs from unused firewood with a chainsaw. A little scrub with soapy water and voila! Everything is fancier in French!


If you have the time (and more patience than us) place cards can get the Spring Treatment as well. When we say “dye eggs” you might think Easter, but not this time. Use a color for beef, fish and chicken, get that old wax crayon out and roll through your guest list. Little bird nests can hold the eggs at your tables! “Totes-adorbs!” Yeah, we know no one says that anymore.

Signature Cocktails

Give your reception a spring forward with a seasonal, signature cocktail selection. Gin for example, is herbal, light, and pairs well with a host of mixers. Done right, it’s the perfect ingredient for Spring Signatures.

We styled our Spring Gin Fiz for the Armstrong Wedding a few years ago: Hendricks, St. Germain, Lemonade, Fresh Basil and Bubbly. It was so popular the Gin-ger Armstrong has stayed on our menu since!

We lead with cherry blossoms but did you know: Virginia is one of the top-10 apple producers in the country! There are literally dozens of local cideries that would make fun stops along your wedding tour. We offer a number of seasonal flavors from Bold Rock and Coyote Hole, Potter's Craft is great and we're always on the lookout for more. Lean in and mix up your beer choices!

More From Our Expert Team

Plan for rain. You know the whole "April showers bring…" thing. Ceremonies on our *ahem* Outdoor Terrace could get a little dirty in Spring weather. Aisle runners might help keep your train a little cleaner.

And plan for wild temperature swings with highs & lows that rattle off like lotto numbers. Remember your shawls, scarves & sashes. Oh hey! What about monogrammed blankets as favors? Either way, we’ll keep the firepits ready for you!

Our great team will guide you through our lighter, seasonal menu options at your tastings. Green vegetables and berries will be in season. Asparagus, Pea and Strawberry Fans: Rejoice! We’ve also mixed in new seafood dishes and some fresh sauces we hope you’re as excited about as we are.

Our Barton Suite menu has been given the perfect princess treatment this year too! Modern takes on tea sandwiches and loads of lite-fare options can be added to your day.

There’s nothing quite like Spring. The season of Hope. Of New Life. It’s perfect for Weddings at 1757!