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Program Tees

For Every Golfer Who Wants to Play

Find The Tee Right For You

Welcome to Golf! We’re so glad you’re here!


  • No Previous Golf Experience Required
  • Lower Session Costs
  • Shorter Classes
  • Larger Participant Groups (12+)
  • Gentle Instruction
  • Personal Equipment Not Required

Are you interested in golf but don’t know where, or how, to start? Everyone starts (or started) at the First Tee, even the people you see do things that make you say, “Wooooowwww.”

These classes are shorter, typically 30-45 minutes. It’s a low-risk setting to try something new. We try to keep these active, short bursts of multiple activities. They will have larger participant groups for a few reasons: you can hide in the back of the crowd if that’s your thing, and you’ll have a chance to make new friends and start the game together.

Gentle instruction will cover fundamental elements. The sport part of golf does involve swinging a stick. We’ll help you do that better. We’ll also explain the weird terms you’ll hear, introduce you to certain, uh, traditions (etiquette & manners) and review a few of the rules of the game.

You won’t need equipment yet, but if you have one, three or a set of clubs it’s totally fine to bring them. You will need to wear clothes you can be active in but save your tank tops or sports bras for the gym, sneakers or golf shoes if you have them, and think about the weather. Sunscreen, bug spray, maybe a towel. You’re welcome to bring snacks (no nuts please!) and water – in some cases your class will provide those.

These classes are intended to be fun & introductory, a helping hand to get you golfing.

You're a Casual Golfer


  • Some Golf Experience Required
  • 60 to 90 Minute Sessions
  • Smaller Participant Groups (8-16)
  • Moderate Instruction
  • Some Personal Equipment Required
  • Minimal Practice Expectations*

The largest difference between First & Second Tee Classes is your decision to play. To be here, you should have decided “Yep, I want IN” and you’re willing to learn more about the game and what it takes to improve.

These classes are a little bit longer, 60 to 90 minutes. Participant groups will be smaller and the instruction intensity increases. We’ll expect you to know basic golf vocabulary and most of the etiquette. Look, no one knows all the rules, but at this point we need you to know a few of the common ones.

You should have personal equipment for these classes. It’s ok if you don’t, maybe you’re not sure what to buy or thinking between two or more options. We recommend having at least a few clubs you plan on using for a while – a putter, a wedge or two, maybe your driver.

*These classes are still intended to be fun but are something more than introductory in nature. A little practice between sessions goes along way if you want to improve. You won’t have to hit hundreds of balls, buy the latest training aids or figure out how to video yourself swinging though.

You're a Recreational Golfer


  • Personal Objectives
  • Golf Experience Required
  • 60 to 90 Minute Sessions
  • Smaller Participant Groups (6-12)
  • Heavy Instruction
  • Personal Equipment Required
  • Practice Expectations**

For this stage, you have golf experience and are playing. You may even watch golf on TV. Certainly the Masters, right? If you’re deciding between Second and Third Tee Classes, consider your goals: These classes are designed for golfers looking to improve and are willing to put in time & effort to do so.

60 to 90 minute work sessions should be comfortable by now, and you’ll enjoy the smaller participant groups because of the increased time with your instructor(s). We’re not going to cover vocabulary or golf terms unless prompted by questions, and unless you’re taking a tournament prep class, we’ll save the rules lessons for later too.

Instruction gets more intense and will require more focus as we cover specialized categories of play. For example, what you learned as “Short Game” in a Two Tee class now might be presented as “Wedges, Bunkers, Chipping, Pitching” and more.

**These classes are instruction-based through & through. You’re taking them to get better and we’re here to help. You’ll need your “gamer set” for these, you’re not going to reach your goals with house loaners. Part of the individual time in these sessions will be spent planning out your follow-up practice sessions.

Improving takes effort, we’re happy to get to work if you are.

You're a Competitive Golfer


  • Specific Goals for Your Game
  • You Practice More than Play
  • 90+ Minute Sessions
  • Smallest Participant Groups (< 8)
  • Intense Instruction

Throughout our programs you’ll see Four Tees appear on material that also has words like “Elite” and “Tournament.” You don’t have to be either of those.

These classes are designed to improve your scoring. Longer sessions (90+ Minutes) and our smallest participant groups allow for very detailed focus on finer elements of the game. Our aim is to turn your consistency into precision, to get your scores as low as they can be!

Shot shaping, strategy, confidence, course planning, and resilience all lead to scoring improvement. You’ll uncover cool things like “Stock Yardages” and perfect things like “Bump & Runs” and “Knock Downs.”

These classes explore your swing and performance in detail, often with the full catalog of technology here at the club and often on-course through a variety of situational experiences. We’ll also explore fitness elements, individualized practice plans, pre-shot routines and more, all to bring out your best.

These classes are not for casual players. You should have goals defined, are actively working to improve your game and have enough time available to continue your practice.