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As Seen on Tour Technology

Ever seen the ball flight trails on TV tournaments and wondered how they do that?

These are the exact same cameras and software they are using. They don't rely on calculations from club-to-ball impact like most trackers, but instead track each ball as it flies through the camera’s field of vision. The resulting actual ball flight is then rendered onto a screen for use in all sorts of virtual games, instruction tools and even onto famous golf courses like Pebble Beach. We've installed the cameras and screens on 10 of our driving bays -  it's like Golden Tee meets a driving range! 

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Your host will help you get started with your gaming experience, but here are quick descriptions about each game to help you feel more at home.

Launchbox Pebble Beach

A digital rendering of our driving range. Statistics are displayed but not tracked.  

For the experienced golfer looking to improve. Select a club, hit a series of the same shot, and get a shot profile for that club. Make adjustments and see how your shot shapes change. Used by our team of award-winning fitters and instructors in their classes and lessons.

 Three shots, one hole. Get it close. Closest one wins! 

Each player takes six shots over two rounds to score as many points as possible. Land in the circles around targets, and watch for special multipliers, point steals, and other features on the screen. The bonus and mystery items are in the air.

One to four players can select form a list of courses, formats, tees, and mulligans. Shots tracked by the cameras are rendered into the course. Courses include Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay, Spyglass and more!

Three shots, one long fairway. Furthest one wins!

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Leaderboard - Longest Drive

Leaderboard - Points Game

Leaderboard - Closet to the Pin

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