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Register for the Old Ox Beer Dinner!
Beer Event at Golf Course
Thursday May 14th @ 7pm

Five Courses of specially prepared
food paired with Old Ox Beer.

Must be 21+ years old

$39 per person 

Register Below!

1st Course: Golden Ox
Paired with a Hot Smoked Chicken Wing glazed in Golden Ox Apple Barbeque & Avocado relish
2nd Course:  Black Ox 
Paired with Braised Beef tips on Garlic Crostini with Watercress salad and house smoked Tomatoes
3rd Course: Alpha Ox
Paired with a Caramelized Orange Chicken Thigh on Rice Vermiclli in red chili citrus broth 
4th Course: Saison D'Ox
Paired with Hot Smoked Salmon on a bed of roasted beat puree with crispy Shallots
5th Course: Kristin’s Passion, Mexican Hot Chocolate Porter
Paired with a Chocolate “Bull Shit” Dessert- Chocolate Bull Patty with Cookie wings finished with Red Caramel