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I'm Not Leaving My Wingman

Bushnell Golf image Wingman X

On one hand the Wingman feels like something Rodney Dangerfield would be lugging around in his absurdly, tricked out golf bag. On the other hand, I had fun testing the Audible GPS technology inside Bushnell’s incredibly popular device.

The speaker quality is great: crisp sound with enough volume to have a personal concert, yet not quite enough to disrupt the group in front of you. Bushnell’s Golf companion app is impressive: hole flyovers, in-depth scorekeeping, shot distance tracking, and a variety of settings to personalize your experience throughout each round.

The battery is great, a full charge will finish the round. The GPS feature is accurate and provides on-demand information quickly. And the portable remote allows you to walk directly over your ball and obtain yardages to the front, middle, and back of each green.

Words from the Wise
Just like all other golf technology, the Wingman is often left behind or lost. The small remote easily detaches from the speaker base. While the speaker may end up in the Proshop if you leave it stuck the cart frame one night, that remote has no chance to find its way home.

Unless you’re actively keeping score through the Wingman companion app, the device sometimes gets confused about which hole you are playing and provides inaccurate numbers. Simple to correct but does require your phone to update.

Final Verdict: Bushnell’s Wingman is the casual golfer’s dream. It’s by far the best GPS/Speaker hybrid on the market for any golfer that doesn’t take themselves (or their game) too seriously.