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Get Golf Ready Winter Series LaunchBox Style!

Golf Classes on LaunchBox

This is our very popular Adult Get Golf Ready Series with the addition of LaunchBox Golf!

We will keep you swinging throughout the winter months using our state of the art LaunchBox indoor bays!
Yes indoors with heat!

Topics covered are:
-Fundamentals of the grip, posture and alignment
-Using the LaunchBox Tech we can help you dial in your club distances using the "What's in your bag" program
-We can help you with your alignment and accuracy using the Launch Monitor feature as well as the Points game and make it a friendly competition among the students.
-We can even play historic Pebble Beach without leaving Loudoun County! 
And for a fraction of the price! (without the live views though)

LanchBox has the ability to play a virtual round of golf on world class golf courses such as Pebble, Harbour Town and Ocean Course at Kiawah Island.  AWESOME!

We will be able to use the putting green and our short game area on days when the temps are reasonable and we have daylight.

Price:  $199 per person
6 hours of Instruction
Use of LaunchBox during the classes
Equipment Provided if needed
Vouchers for Rounds of Golf
Range Ball Vouchers
LaunchBox Vouchers

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Adult Launchbox Lessons — Wedge Clinics


This class is designed to help the student improve their wedge game with the use of Top Tracer Technology. Each student will have a better understanding of the height/trajectory, distance and spin. Knowing how to control the ball flight, height and distance are essential to lowering scores. The sessions will incorporate both TOPTRACER Technology and our beautiful short game area. $189 per golfer.

Lessons Launchbox

The Class will cover:
• Distances Control
• Trajectory/height
• Proper Bounce
• Spin
• Proper technique

• 4 hours of instruction
• Top Tracer Technology
• Use of short game area
• Range balls

Classes start Saturday May 19th 11am - 12pm

Junior Launchbox Lessons — Course Management
Launchbox screen


With the use of the VIRTUAL GOLF featuring the use of Top Tracer Technology the student will learn how to manage their own golf game.

To be a talented player a golfer needs to know how to take what they have to the golf course, it’s essential to know
• Exact distances
• Shape of your shots (right to left/left to right)
• Using your strengths (distances, shot patterns)
• Avoiding your weaknesses (misses, tendencies)

This program is designed to help a player lower their scores by managing their game better. By learning exact distances of each club, shot patterns, strengths and weaknesses. Players can lower their scores by applying this knowledge to maximize each shot and have a plan to play each hole.

With the use if Top Tracer Technology and the VIRTUAL GOLF application we can play par 3’, 4’s and 5’s, as well as learn how to play Dog legs using a player’s shot pattern and strengths.

$149 for 4 weeks – pay for 4 but do not have to attend 4 weeks in a row. Includes:
• 4 - 1 hour sessions
• The use of Top Tracer Technology
• Range balls

Launchbox Lessons — Private Instruction


$170 each session or $680 for a series of 5 lessons (save 20%), Includes:
• 1-hour lesson with one of our PGA Professional Staff Members
• Top Tracer Technology
• Unlimited range balls for the hour


Improve your swing and consistency In this mode the instructor will help you to hone your skills with targets on the range, launch angle, side deviation (curve) and ball speed. These tools will help in making improvements in swing and consistency.

Full Swing Technique – learn the cause and effect launch angle, ball speed, curve (spin rate), height and distance have on your swing. This information will improve your swing technique and consistency.

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Dig deeper into the details for each type of club in the bag.

Full Bag Assessment – an instructor will help take through full bag evaluation which will help you determine if you have in gaps in your set IE: do you need to add or subtract a club such as a wedge, hybred, fairway wood, Driver.

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We bring the golf course to the range!

Shot Shaping – Draws, fades, high, low. Ever wanted to know how to shape your shots? Hit a fade or a draw? Hit higher or lower? By using the Virtual Golf portion of the Top Tracer application an instructor can apply this technology to teach the proper technique and drills to learn how to shape your shots.

Playing Lesson/Course Management – Dog Legs, playing a fade or draw, club selection, managing your game. With these sessions the student will learn how to manage their game, when to play a draw or fade, how to play a do leg, club selection. Using your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses.

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