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“I’d definitely do that again!”
We hear that. We’re here to reward you for following through!

When you download the 1757 app there is an offer in there for a free hour of Launchbox (or a $10 gift card)! We also have an Hours of Fun at Launchbox rewards program where you earn a free hour for every 4 played.
You Love Launchbox. You Love your Friends and Family.

Here's how to get more of both!

Set up a league that meets in Launchbox every week at the same time - it's easy, fun and we will be here to guide you through every step.

Here is what you will need to do:

  • Gather a group of 4 or more for your bay. For 7+ we will reserve 2 bays at a time, and with 13 or more you can take up the entire top floor!
  • Don't have people to play with? Just submit the form as a free agent and we will try to match you up!
  • Submit the inquiry form with your desired dates and times (unfortunately no weekends are available, sorry)
  • We will reach out and hammer out the details; the league day and time, which formats to play, how to track everyone's score, what happens if someone misses a week, and the cost

For 2 hours of reserved bay time every week it's $10 per player per week, with a minimum of 4 weeks. We also have food, drinks and prize packages that can be rolled up into the per person price if you'd like. We're happy to add your prizes to our existing inventory purchases to help you feature something cool for your Launchbox League Champion!

Launchbox League Inquiry
We are looking forward to getting your Launchbox League set up and on the books! Just fill out this form and we will reach out to find a day and time that works and go over all of the details.
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**Important Notice**

We have decided to take this opportunity to rebuild our online reservation system. Our operating schedules will be impacted during this process. Please contact the proshop to check availability.