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Tour Tech + Good Times

We’ve partnered with Topgolf to launch our driving range to the next level with their ball flight tracking technology as seen on TV tournaments!

Our 10 new bays are indoors, outdoors, and even on a second story. They all feature 6 games to play – from a points game anyone can win – to one with deep dive data for shaping your shots. Our restaurant’s full food and drink menus are available from your server while you, and up to 5 friends, hit never ending range balls.

Hours & Rates
$24  11am to 4pm
$32  4pm to 8pm

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As Seen on TV Technology

Range rats know — 1757's driving range is the place to go to work on your game. We installed state of the art SportTurf across our entire driving range in 2016, and now have partnered with Topgolf to bring you our latest innovation - 10 Toptracer bays!

These are the same cameras and software they are using to show ball flight paths on TV broadcasts. They don't rely on calculations from club to ball impact like most systems, but instead track each ball as it flies through the cameras’ field of vision. The resulting actual ball flight is then rendered across multiple games, instruction tools and even virtual golf courses. The cameras’ plot every shot they can see, so duffs that don’t make it above your knees likely won’t register.

Check Out Our Game Options

Your host will help you get started with your gaming experience, but here are quick descriptions about each game to help you feel more at home.

A digital rendering of our driving range. Statistics are displayed but not tracked.  

For the experienced golfer looking to improve. Select a club, hit a series of the same shot, and get a shot profile for that club. Make adjustments and see how your shot shapes change. Used by our team of award-winning fitters and instructors in their classes and lessons.

 Three shots, one hole. Get it close. Closest one wins! 

Each player takes six shots over two rounds to score as many points as possible. Land in the circles around targets, and watch for special multipliers, point steals, and other features on the screen. The bonus and mystery items are in the air.

One to four players can select form a list of courses, formats, tees, and mulligans. Shots tracked by the cameras are rendered into the course. Courses include Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay, Spyglass and more!

Three shots, one long fairway. Furthest one wins!

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You Love Launchbox. You Love your Friends and Family.

Here's how to get more of both!

Set up a league that meets in Launchbox every week at the same time - it's easy, fun and we will be here to guide you through every step.

Here is what you will need to do:

  • Gather a group of 4 or more for your bay. For 7+ we will reserve 2 bays at a time, and with 13 or more you can take up the entire top floor!
  • Don't have people to play with? Just submit the form as a free agent and we will try to match you up!
  • Submit the inquiry form with your desired dates and times (unfortunately no weekends are available, sorry)
  • We will reach out and hammer out the details; the league day and time, which formats to play, how to track everyone's score, what happens if someone misses a week, and the cost

The cost:
For 2 hours of reserved bay time every week it's $10 per player per week, with a minimum of 4 weeks. We also have food, drinks and prize packages that can be rolled up into the per person price if you'd like. We're happy to add your prizes to our existing inventory purchases to help you feature something cool for your Launchbox League Champion!

Fill out the form below to get started!

Launchbox League Inquiry
We are looking forward to getting your Launchbox League set up and on the books! Just fill out this form and we will reach out to find a day and time that works and go over all of the details.
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Available Days (check all that apply)
Available Times of Selected Days
Estimated League Size
Additional Details
Tour Tech + Team Building
Have your own Launch Party by hosting an event with us! From bachelor parties, to corporate events that also utilize our boardroom, we have the flexibility and experience to make any event a success.

Range Boxes ‣ rent all six of the covered outdoor bays for 8 to 48 guests
Executive Suite ‣ rent the ground floor indoor bay for 8 to 12 guests
Presidential Suite ‣ rent the entire top floor of 3 bays for 18+ guests

Want to make a big splash? The entire building is available!
Launchbox + Lessons
It’s tough to tell what your balls is doing while in the air – until now!

Launchbox uses the same camera system the pros use to show you exactly how your ball flies. With this technology at instruction team’s disposal we can give you the most accurate feedback to make that ball flight look exactly as it should.

Sessions are with other golfers of similar skill level, and they happen away from the rest of the golfing public in the private Launchbox studios.

There is no better environment to learn and quickly improve at golf.
Hand Crafted by our Executive Chef
Quality Eats • Local Brews • Full Wine List

We've long been known for our excellent food under the direction of our Executive Chef Rob Fleming, and he has worked to customize a menu specifically for Launchbox centered around creative takes on easy to share and eat dishes.

We've paired the menu with a rotating cast of local craft beers, an extensive wine list, as well as a full cocktail program to select from.

Click below to explore the menu!