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Event Planning



Unique and Memorable Rehearsal Dinners Made Easy at 1757 Golf Club!

A late-game step before your wedding day, your rehearsal could be quite the mess...

How do you pronounce that again?
Who stands where?
Who walks with who?
When do I say that?
Which music?

And after: It’s off to dinner.

Dinner ranges from backyard pot-lucks to formal affairs. One more event to plan, one more location to book, one more menu to select. So many more details! Is the menu too similar to your wedding meal? Who’s driving? Do I need another dress? And then after dinner, What?

The tradition of the rehearsal dinner comes from getting relatives and friends of the bride to finally meet the groom, taking time to thank those who help along the way, and to have a good time. We’ve heard about bowling nights, billiards, and golf outings of course! Scavenger hunts, card games, movie screenings, the list goes on. Do you even Google?

Want to zig just a little? Do something completely unique? We’re absolutely about to pitch…

TopTracer with Friends
TopTracer with Friends

Rehearsal Dinner? Pft!

In 2018, 1757 Golf Club opened Launchbox Golf, a golf entertainment center like TopGolf (who you probably know) but with some key differences. More accurate: key ADVANTAGES.

Cameras track shots and *magic* them into games, contests, and virtual golf courses, like Pebble Beach. Fancy! We have six (6) outdoor bays and four (4) indoor bays – it’s a small place, which is great: We can close it just for you and make it the perfect party location.

We provide golf balls and clubs. We offer a menu package sure to be different than your wedding meal. We have ice cold drinks, and if you’re reception is here, our team gets one more day to impress!

Hours of Fun at Launchbox Golf! X

Relax at Launchbox Golf!

Imagine three hours of fun after your rehearsal: Music, food, bar drinks, golf games & fun challenges! Relax before your big day. Laugh. Smile. Think of the photos, the stories. The memories.

Groups up to 48. Hardly any decisions. Easy to book. The Perfect Rehearsal.

We’re open for Wedding Afterparties too. 😊

Well then, let's book your Reimagined Rehearsal!