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Event Planning



Put your Zoom down for a few minutes...

...minimize Slack or Teams or whatever it is you’re stuck using. Here’s a few ideas to consider for getting the gang back together again, before, during or after your current hybrid-work-sitch.

We’ve seen several companies return to the course over the past year: meetings, holiday parties and more. We’re always asked about masks and “safety protocols” but somehow many of these events have been even better than before. There was that one day the power went out but otherwise!

Our patio is huge. We can spaciously accommodate your group under the lights, near the rose garden and a few other areas too. More than golf, we have cornhole (or bags depending upon your region of origin) and are more than happy to discuss other games. Except lawn darts. Just, no.

1757 Golf Club, Outdoor Terrace, Patio, Banquets, Weddings, Northern Virginia X


HITS & GIGGLES Groups 12-32
Golf can be hard and frustrating, but it can also be fun and social. And outdoors! Sunshine. Nature, chatter, and other white noises you didn’t realize you missed.

group of friends cheersing beer with burgers X

Our most popular package is a reservation for the driving range that includes equipment rental, a selection of six appetizers, two-hour open bar and two hours of range balls. Perfectly used, this kind of package kills as a lunch or happy hour option for your team, or maybe a small appreciation-style event for some of your favorite clients, customers, members, patients, you get the idea.

You didn’t know you could reserve driving range stalls, did ya? #Fixed.

“Come on everybody! We’re going to learn golfing today!” You can relax in class settings. The instruction is gentle and introductory in nature, you can hide in the back if that’s your thing, and we can provide equipment for the session.

We’ll get you swinging the club, explain some of the weird terms we use, and generally explain how to “do golf.” Classes are a great way to try out the game. If it ends up your thing, we can build packages of one, two, nine, classes and you can make it as regular as Compliance Calls!

What if your Outlook reminder said “Mandatory Golf Friday” when it popped up? Just sayin.


TopTracer with Friends
TopTracer with Friends

Six outdoor bays and four indoor bays feature a variety of digital games to play. It’s a lot like Top Golf except we use real golf balls. Packages include food and beverage options, range balls, equipment, and can be customized for the best fit. Golf experience isn’t required to play. Beginners and regular players can enjoy the same games.

1757 Golf Club, Toptracer Corporate Events, Northern Virginia X

The indoor space is modeled from a living room. You’ll have people not all that into the golf, trust us. We have couches and conversation areas so there’s something for everyone. Check out the small board room too. You can throw a preso up, run through your slide deck and then smash a few Callaways into the big green yonder.

It’s the sweetest mix of work and play you ever did see!

Golf outings are a bit more work but can be great ways to get quality face time with front-line teams. We’ve seen a lot of planners shift focus to on-course stations, and we’re here to tell you: Events with on-course stations and/or activities are always a homerun for the attendees.

group of friends outside at bbq grill event eating X

Instead of a post-event lunch & awards banquet, consider two, four, or more, stations on-course followed by a take-away lunch (or snack) box. At each station, you could also place key people from your organization.

Have Vicky from Payroll at the Taco Stand on Hole 4 and David from Accounting passing out Hot Dogs on Hole 9. We know Greg from Marketing is a golfer so put him on Hole 18 and your players can use his tee shot!


Any of these activities can be combined too. Add Launchbox before during or after an outing, add a class, add snacks or lunch to a class, and so much more. Heck, we have ideas we haven’t even thought of yet!

You could even *gasp* do them all!

We can’t wait to help you build the perfect ESCAPE for your team!