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What is Launchbox?

As Seen on Tour Technology
Ever seen the ball flight trails on TV tournaments and wondered how they do that?

Launchbox is the exact same cameras and software they are using. They don't rely on calculations from club-to-ball impact like most trackers, but instead track each ball as it flies through the camera’s field of vision. The resulting actual ball flight is then rendered onto a screen for use in all sorts of virtual games, instruction tools and even onto famous golf courses like Pebble Beach. We've installed the cameras and screens on 10 of our driving bays - it's like Golden Tee meets a driving range!

The 10 bays are open every day from 11am until 10pm, and each one holds 6 people…ish. You can fit more, and 4 players can play the games at once. We’ve seen groups alternate shots on virtual golf to get up to 8 players involved at once. The indoor bays are set up so it’s just you, your friends and your family in there – box seats for golf!

The 3 on the top floor have retractable walls turning them into one giant indoor Launchbox. All 10 have a server, heaters, furniture and TVs equipped with Chromecasts so you can cast your own content, and the 6 outdoor bays are covered from the elements.

Typically, people stay for a couple hours, and we charge a flat $24 per bay per hour, but if no one needs it past your reservation you’re welcome to stay and keep hitting balls (they’re unlimited). Once you’re done all our servers have iPads to make splitting checks a breeze, and we can even text you your tab so you can close a check out right from your phone!

Reserve online herecall us at 703.444.0901 x 1717, or just stop by  we’re always happy to have you, and we don’t charge a fee to reserve a bay!