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Beer & Food- a Match made in Heaven

Craft and Micro beers are all the rage in America. According to the Brewers Association there are now over 2,200 craft breweries in the U.S., more than there has been since 1890. So we LOVE our Beer.  That being said I am often asked questions about how to pair beer with food. With all of the different styles of beers available it can seem like a major undertaking- not as simple as white wine with fish, red wine with beef. Starting small is the key.  First find a beer or two you love to drink- the style is not as important as “do you like it?”.

Once you have found your beer the cooking part is as easy as popping the cap!  Start with a great steak seared to perfection in a cast iron skillet, remove the steak and throw some mushrooms in your pan and top with a little of your favorite beer and reduce.  Serve them on top of your steak and you just paired beer and food.  It’s crazy how many ways there are to include beer with your food.  Like I often say- play with your food and have fun in the kitchen.

If you’re joining us on Friday the 20th you will experience some of the ways I think beer and food pair best.  If you missed out on this ‘Sold Out’ beer dinner- it is only the first one this year so keep checking our web site or Facebook for the date of our next beer dinner featuring Old Ox Brewery!

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