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David MacKenzie
Golf Mental Coach

David MacKenzie has coached the mental game for over 10 years and has worked with players of all levels from beginner to Tour professional.

He is originally from the UK and attended the University of St Andrews in Scotland where he achieved an MA Economics.

He has had plenty of success using a holistic approach to game improvement which includes the mental, emotional and physical components of the game.

His areas of expertise are helping a player access their ideal performance state by building a process including the following skills:

●    Learn how to stay in the present

●    Putting focus in the right place

●    Mental triggers in the pre-shot routine

●    Switching off in between shots

●    Breaking the habit of negative responses

●    How to harness the power of visualization

●    How to use feel instead of thinking about your swing

●    How to handle pressure and nerves

●    More challenging practice involving consequences and games